It is my great honour to serve as Bangladesh Ambassador to China, a time-tested friend and one of the most important development partners of Bangladesh.


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Ready-made Garments & Knitwear:


Ready-made Garments (RMG) sector contributes about 80% of the total export earnings of Bangladesh and contributes about 10.5% to GDP. Bangladesh has earned about US$25 billion from export of ready-made apparels in financial year 2013-14. Knitwear is the second largest export earning sub-sector of Bangladesh. Knitwear items manufactured with locally knitted fabrics qualify duty free/zero tariff access to EU, Japan, Australia, Norway, and Canada. Bangladesh is one of the biggest suppliers of knit items to the EU.


Home Textile Products:


Home textile products from Bangladesh, which include all sorts of towel, bar at, bath robe, wash cloth, kitchen gloves, dish cloth, napkin, bed sheet,  bed cover, pillow cover etc. are quite popular in the world market for their quality and design. Major importing countries of Bangladeshi home textile products are U.K., USA, France, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Malaysia, U.A.E., Italy, Hong Kong, Japan and Saudi Arabia.


Leather and Leather Goods:


Because of the synergy latest technology with abundant raw materials and inexpensive skilled labour, leather and leather products are now playing an  important role in earning foreign exchange of the country. Bangladesh produces the world's finest quality goatskin of smooth grain pattern. Many manufacturers are producing various types of high quality leather items like: shoes, mokasins, travel goods, suitcases, briefcases and fashion accessories, belts, wallets, hand bags, case holders, etc for overseas markets. Bangladesh has also entered in the field of leather fashion garments with items of distinction and prestige. At present, leather products are exported to about 60 countries of the world including USA, UK, Italy, Germany, and Brazil.


Jute and Jute Products:


Bangladesh is blessed with the favourable climate and the potentials to be the largest grower and exporter of the best quality jute, the golden fibre. This gives Bangladesh advantage over other jute growers anywhere in the world. Through uncompromising resolve to stick to the use of the best raw jute, strict adherence to buyers’ needs and specifications, rigorous quality control and timely delivery, Bangladesh has earned international eminence as the principal source of high quality jute. Jute products are ideally used as bag and sacks for packing all kinds of agricultural produces, minerals, fertilizer, cement, sand, sugar etc. and a host of other purposes.


Agricultural Products:


Bangladesh is gifted with a fertile land and favorable climate for the production of various agricultural products. In view of the sector’s great potentials, the Government has given much emphasis on the development of agricultural products and agro-based industries in the country. Vegetables, fruits, aromatic fine rice, tea and other agro-products are being exported regularly. Major importing countries of agro products are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UK., USA and Germany. Besides, other agro-processed items such as spices, chanachur, fruit juice etc. are being exported to the overseas markets. The Government and the private sector are working together to set up “export villages” for the production of quality fruits and vegetables.


Fish and Shrimps :


Bangladesh a riverine  deltaic country having 0.33 million hectors of inland water and 480 km coast line with its warm tropical climate is ideally located and offers a vast reserve of fresh brackish water fish including the seafood/shrimps. The development of fisheries sector is one of the top priorities of the Government. Planned culture of shrimp and fish has been encouraged in the country through the private sector with adequate financial and technical support of the government. Bangladesh is exporting frozen shrimp to about 30 countries of the world including USA, Japan, Belgium, UK, The Netherlands, France and Germany.


Light Engineering Industries:


Light Engineering Industries play a significant role in augmenting the industrial base and volume of foreign trade of Bangladesh. A very potential sector, LEIs have the advantages of lower capital investment, lower energy cost and environment friendly production process. More than 30,000 light engineering units are in operation around the country. Meanwhile, bicycle has emerged as one of the potential products in the Light Engineering sector in Bangladesh. Export of motor-cycle has also started.


Ceramic Table wares:


Bangladesh has emerged as one of the successful manufacturing and exporting countries of quality ceramic tableware. Almost all the producing units have succeeded in establishing their brand names in the international ceramic tableware market. To ensure proper quality and goodwill, all the producing units use high quality raw materials.  The machinery and equipment are also modern and conform to the latest technology and standard. Each of the units has its own in-house laboratory facility for quality control and testing mechanism. At present, ceramic tableware is being exported to USA, UK, Italy, Spain, France, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Australia, Sweden.




Pharmaceuticals is one of the fastest growing sectors in Bangladesh. At present, Bangladesh exports a wide range of pharmaceutical products covering all major therapeutic classes to over 100 countries including highly regulated US and EU markets. Along with regular forms like tablets, capsules and syrups, Bangladesh also exports specialized products like HFA inhalers, CFC inhalers, suppositories, nasal sprays, injectables, IV infusions, etc. These products have been well accepted by medical practitioners, chemists, patients and the regulatory bodies of all of their importing nations. The packaging and the presentation of the products of Bangladesh are comparable to any international standard.


Toiletries and Cosmetics:


 In recent times, toiletries and cosmetics items of Bangladesh have made significant improvement as regards quality and packaging. Using the most modern method of production, technology and world class raw materials, the finished products are of international standard and capable of competing with products of the renowned companies of the world.  Toiletries and cosmetics products produced in the country are exported to UAE, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, Oman, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, France, Singapore and other countries.


Software and ICT products:


The software is a recent booming industry in Bangladesh and enjoying rises in export volume every year. Bangladesh export earnings from software crossed US$ 100m for the first time in the last fiscal year 2012-13. Country’s software export registered more than 40% growth for last few years. Target has been set to earn US$ 1b annually from software export by next 5 years. At the moment, main destinations of Bangladeshi software products are USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, India and Japan.


Ships and vessels:


In the recent years, shipbuilding has become a major promising industry in Bangladesh with great export potentials. Bangladesh has now over 200 shipbuilding or repair units, mostly concentrated in Dhaka, Chittagong, Narayanganj and Khulna. Some of the private companies have formed joint ventures to meet the growing international demands for advanced vessels. In 2008, Bangladesh has become a ship exporting country. In view of growing amount of export deals secured by local shipbuilding companies as well as the abundance in skilled workforce at low cost, experts suggest that Bangladesh could emerge as a major competitor in the global market of small to medium ocean-going vessels.


Electronics and electrical products:


Electronic and electrical industry in Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing industries with immense potential. In last three decades, numerous electronic products assembly plants and spare parts producing companies have been established in Bangladesh. By this time, a number of multinational companies have set up assembly and manufacturing plants in the country. Recently, a few local companies have also established compete manufacturing plants for many electronic products in joint collaboration with foreign companies.  Bangladesh now exports varieties of home appliances and other electronic and electrical products to Africa, the Middle East and some other regions of the world.





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