It is my great honour to serve as Bangladesh Ambassador to China, a time-tested friend and one of the most important development partners of Bangladesh.


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Cultural Heritage and Festivals of Bangladesh


Although Bangladesh emerged as an independent state relatively recently in 1971 through a blood-spattered liberation war, the country forms part of the ancient and historic region of Bengal in the Eastern part of the Indian subcontinent. The civilization of the country dates back over four millennia, to the Copper Age.


     Our culture and tradition are drawn from our faith, ethnic root, thoughts and aspirations and creativity, and our passion for life and nature. Unique geographic location, abundance in resources and natural splendour of the country have throughout the history attracted traders, travellers, religion preachers from outside to visit and settle in this land.  Such continued interactions with people of diverse cultural background have helped us further enrich our culture and civilization, still maintaining its distinctive indigenous elements. Similarly, the settlers have nurtured their own culture and civilization in this land by generations. As a result, Bangladesh today enjoys a diversified colourful cultural heritage.  



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